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Work zone accidents are up on I-295

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you feel like there have been a lot of accidents on I-295 between Brunswick and Portland this year, you're not alone. And you're not entirely mistaken.

While the overall number of crashes is about average this year, there have been a significant higher number of crashes in work zones on I-295. There have been 57 work zone crashes so far this year, compared with 42 last year and just 11 the year before.

Mark Latti, the spokesperson for the Department of Transportation says work zone crashes tend to cause bigger traffic tie-ups because there's no breakdown lane for disabled vehicles to go in. And he says the number of work zone crashes have been up the past two years because work is being done in the high traffic area of Portland. This year, the numbers are even higher because the work is being done on Tukey's Bridge, a notoriously dangerous part of the highway that also is the most travelled area in the state. 80,000 cars pass through there each day.

Some commuters feel the DOT should be doing a better job of clarifying where the lanes are in these construction zones, and Latti says the department wants to hear from them. Click here to learn more about the project and how to contact the DOT. Construction is expected at least until the end of November, and it may carry into December.


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