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Braving the need to explore
Braving the need to explore

After a weekend of entertaining my most favorite individuals, I rewarded myself with a day off. I decided, to myself, that I needed a day to really explore some of my thoughts, a day to tend to my shopping in a correct manner and a day to just exist without any real pressures. It's been a stressful few months, trying to introduce a business to an area that isn't quite ready for it yet and figuring out that right now, there are some other things that really need my attention. Eat Your Plate, my on-line bake shop venture, was surprisingly, an instant success. The flood of people that became my customers was almost shocking to me. I think a majority of that came from Harvest on the Harbor, an event that showcased my food and my idea extremely well. However, what I do is extremely rare. People who run a business, don't often shop for your ingredients specifically. Most businesses buy in bulk, able to cater to a wider audience and at a much faster rate. So while I was shopping around for locations to sell my product, I found that most people want it frozen, faster and cheaper. All things, I just won't succumb to. For me, the allure of food is showcasing it's origins. That is where all the beauty comes from. If you are opening a can, using something that has been in a freezer for a month, it just doesn't have the same effect. Which is why I have decided to pull back from my business and cater to only those who either currently know about me or manage to stumble on me by accident. There will be no more marketing, no more events, no more really trying to get people to find me. I will be an under the rug secret for a select few.

In a blog I posted earlier on my personal site, I referred to this as semi-retirement. It's not going out of business. It's going back to my roots. It's retracing the origin of why I love to create fantastic, whimsical desserts and dishes that stun my audience. I need time to focus on the gathering and the making, finding that creativity comes from doing other things that I love such as writing, tending to the ladies (hens) in my backyard, planting my organic and majestic garden and of course, whipping up new items in my kitchen.

However, before I go "underground" I have a plan for one very lucky business.

There will be a full dessert bar awarded to the business who writes to me and tells me why they love or what they love about Portland's food scene. I don't want this to be an English contest, I just want to see passion, I want to see some excitement jumping off of the page. The deadline is March 15th, the winner will be announced March 19th and the dessert will be delivered to your office on Friday, the 23rd. It's important that I give a little something back to the community that has supported me before I place my focus on other things for the time being. You can e-mail your entries at: And to be honest, I am super excited to read what everyone has to say. I have already received some really wonderful thoughts on why people love food in this town. Portland definitely has a unique following of people who know how to search for the very best.

After this "contest" is complete my first area to real hone in on is my writing. My cookbook has been something that I have been tinkering with for two years and I have so many ideas that I need to just get down. It is my intent to put it together, finally, with heavy narration, explaining to the world why I love food and why my food is different than all the rest. I plan to write more here and spread my voice throughout Maine, I also plan on starting a new venture called: "Put That In My Face" using my signature phrase to spread some of the newest things I find in the culinary world with who knows, maybe some little interesting extras.

So stay tuned, write to me, tell me all about you and what you love to eat. It makes my heart so happy to meet new people, especially those who are willing to share, as I am.

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