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Tenth Gate Productions: A Vulcan Salute.
Tenth Gate Productions: A Vulcan Salute.

Tenth Gate Productions is a script-to-screen film company, co-founded and co-directed by James Poirier and Travis Tyler, currently working out of Boston, MA. I have recently had the opportunity to marvel at their genius.

Based on the quality of their work, one would expect Tenth Gate Productions’ work space to look like Star-Trek's command center aboard the Enterprise. Instead you'll find two humble guys, a couple of computers, and a few glasses of wine.

Since 2001, Tenth Gate has produced eight short films, four screen plays (The White Death is currently under 'option' in Hollywood), and one feature film titled The Beast of Dante. Tenth Gate also does photo shoots, web design, and graphic design. Their latest feat is bottle labels for Laissez Faire wine. (For Travis' lovely parents who own the Riverside Winery in Oakland, Maine).

Before there was "Tenth Gate," there was just Travis Tyler and James Poirier.

Travis says that it all began in junior high.

"Fifth grade!" James corrects.

Travis follows, “We got our hands on a camera and used to like playing with clay, now we make movies with real people."

In that conversation you get a sense of Tenth Gate's partnership. James is more like Spock, for all you Trekkies who would know. And Travis more like Kirk. But for those who don't, James is extremely analytical. He'll stay up all night seeking the eureka moment in a project; a true perfectionist. Travis equally seeks idealism in a project, but rather takes things slow to build its empire; a rational Gent. Tenth Gate's teamwork is sublime.

How did their talents come to fruition? They say it's a culmination of their passions: commradery, music, art, story-telling, and getting things done. "Film is a level of permanence that is attractive- not a fleeting tale." Travis has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Brand Management, and James studied Film.

Two of their latest imperishable films were featured at Nickelodeon Cinema in Portland, Maine, November 9th.

The Beast of Dante is a feature film. A modern retelling of beauty and the beast. A high school student rendered mute (Travis Tyler) is caught in the middle of an abusive relationship, hoping to find meaning in his life through helping a young girl find hers. 

Father's Gun is a story about a man (Lars Christensen plays opposite Jesse Kamien) that gets caught up in the materialistic parts of what he sees as success. "At its barest bones he learns what is important in life." Father's Gun was filmed in the carrabasset valley, a cold barron Maine wilderness. Tenth Gate Productions dealt a brutal shooting schedule. "5 feet of snow, 2 degrees outside, 8-10 hour days" for a month, with a cast and crew of four people. View the trailer below.

Baby Blue is currently in progress. Filmed in the most eastern point of Maine, Baby Blue “trails a father as he delves into the nature of closure and fulfilling promises.”

Tenth Gate Productions also recently posted their test footage of their upcoming documentary, Top Out, which explores the yearning that rock climbers feel for the sport. “I go more than a few days without climbing; I get this ‘itch.’ Everything you see becomes a handle, you start clinging to the walls.”  

One thing to note about Tenth Gate Productions is that they never stop working. Keep up with their progress:

  • Facebook.com/TenthGate
  • @XGProductions #visualgods
  • TenthGateProductions.com

Tenth Gate Productions deserves a Vulcan Salute, "live long and prosper," men.


Still can’t get enough? ‘Like’ Facebook.com/TenthGate to see their answers to the following:

Knowing of your love for foods, what type of meal would Tenth Gate’s film style be compared to?

If you could work with any actor or actress in Hollywood, who would it be and why?

What would be the ideal outcome for Tenth Gate in ten years?

And just for fun, if each of you were a superhero, who would you be?




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