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Kris Fish Benefit - Dance & Silent Auction

Kris Fish Benefit -  Dance & Silent Auction

Organization announces fashion show fundraiser

PORTLAND, Maine -- Partners for World Health will be putting on a fashion show where all the clothing is made from recycled fabric used to strilize all surgical supplies in all hospitals in the United States.

In an effort to raise funds for this project, the Blue Wrap Project Runway Fashion Show will be held on April 24 on the catwalk at USM's Hannaford Hall.  Haute couture takes on new meaning, as this fundraising event brings together amazing fashion designers who use their skills to create unique fashions from recycled blue medical wrap material. The goal is to bring awareness to the organization’s efforts of recycling discarded  medical supplies  while improving global health.

Third annual Hancock County Food Drive kicks off March 1

The Third Annual Hancock County Food Drive kicks off March 1 and it couldn’t happen at a better time. More than 44 percent of Hancock County children qualified for reduced school lunches in 2013 but hunger doesn’t go away at the end of the school day.  Those children often go to bed hungry and spend the weekend that way. Fifteen percent of all Maine households lack access to nutritious food.  During the winter that number goes even higher as Mainers struggle to pay for heating their homes. The prolonged periods of frigid temperatures, rising fuel prices and the number of storms have combined to make it even more difficult this year. That creates an extra strain on local food pantries and community meal sites which have seen their numbers swell in recent months.