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The Articulate Consumption of Food & Drink
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The Articulate Consumption of Food & Drink

For some reason, I have been extremely addicted to throwing parties since I moved to Maine. By party, i don't mean a house party consisting of people hanging from the ceiling, although, I did throw plenty of those when I was younger. These parties are adult in nature, slightly sophisticated, with a little bit of zest and a whole lot of time and thought put into them. Once I arrived in this new landscape, I fell in love with the place I now call home. My house is one hundred percent filled with the personalities of those who occupy it. We have lots of art, wine and little items that allow you to look into who we are as people existing in this place we call our shelter. I want to share that with friends, family and whoever else I stumble into, whether it be a random stranger I instantly fall in love with or most recently, the young gentleman who helped my husband buy my Valentine's Day present.

My parties always begin with an idea, a spectacular firecracker that goes off in my brain that I just can't let go of, and that manifests into this brilliant plan.

My most recent party was just last night and it's something that I have been mulling over for two months. It started with the idea of a Brooklyn lounge with dark lighting and interesting cocktails. Cocktails that are inspired by this wonderful place I live in, only with a little bit of New York flare. I wanted people to feel like they were in my home but also transported somewhere else. A place that had something different to offer them, a vibe they couldn't live without. A feeling they were glad to be included in. I wanted everyone to have a drink in their hand, mingling with someone new, eating food that transcended the typical party.

I began with lanterns, lots and lots of lanterns. To me, that was the first and most important item people would see when they entered. I purchased sixty of them and divided them between two rooms, reserving six for my entry way. Then, I found these spectacular LED lights that run off batteries, which were bright enough to light the room while maintaining that dark, alluring feeling I was going for. My husband, after cursing at me and these lanterns, sipping on his whiskey to contain himself, hung them on fishing line, so they looked as if they were carefully floating through our space. To finish off the lighting, I bought boxes and boxes of votive candles which created this amazing flicker and brightened up the rooms, highlighting little dark corners. For cocktails I chose three drinks that I knew would suit my audience. One of them was made with fruit purees, wildflower honey, vodka, lemon juice and soda water. It was fresh, vibrant and tasted, literally, like Maine. We filled three large containers with these cocktails, arranged them on our wine bar with a cocktail menu behind them and their garnishes on the side.

The music we chose was bright, upbeat, sassy and magical. It lightly set the tone in the background for the conversations that were happening throughout our space. I laid out a series of plates that were easily identifiable to a range of people but also completely delicious. On the counter, I arranged a series of desserts, including my signature item: house-made Oreo cookies, which continues to be the number one favorite that I bake.

I invited people that have been friends for years, people that I had just met, friends from far away, and they all talked to one another as if it was the most natural, organic thing for them.

To me, seeing it all together was magical. I am completely enticed by the idea of giving people something unique. An experience they can't get anywhere else. I want my home to be the only place they see things of this nature happening. I want to offer an articulate environment to consume fantastic food and interesting drinks.

I have decided that from this point forward I will do two parties a year. The Harvest Party in the summer, which continues to grow every year and become an elaborate affair and now, the newest addition, the Winter Cocktail Party which I think, will brighten up the sometimes dismal days in February. It's a reason to dress up for no reason and come to something a little more daring. I am hoping that both of these events will continue to expand until my home can not take anymore. It's truly wonderful to watch my guest list expand as I meet lots of new people who I can't help but want to be around.


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