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Environment Maine
Environment Maine

“This week, the pen was mightier than the pipeline.” – Laura Dorle, Environment Maine

As anticipated, President Obama vetoed legislation to force approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline this week. Environment Maine’s Laura Dorle issued the following statement:

 “This week, the pen was mightier than the pipeline. All the activists here in Maine and across the country who have fought for years against this dangerous, dirty project chalked up an important victory.
President Obama deserves credit for standing up to Big Oil. To cement his climate legacy, the next steps are to reject the pipeline outright and finalize the Clean Power Plan to limit the carbon pollution spewing from America’s dirty power plants.

On the heels of the hottest year on record, it’s clear that we have to put the brakes on global warming pollution. Building Keystone would put our foot on the accelerator.
Sadly, many Republican leaders in Congress have vowed to keep pushing a polluter agenda – including rollbacks to EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

The plan is especially important here in Maine where we are already experiencing impacts to our natural environment from climate change. From Maine lobstermen who are already experiencing declines in the lobster population to Maine foresters who are anticipating changes to our prized forests, climate change is a major concern.

The Keystone Pipeline may be far from home for Mainers, but this veto is a symbol of voices across the country that have been calling for a move away from fossil fuels, and real, long-term solutions to climate change.

Environment Maine is counting on Senator Angus King to continue to champion action on climate and speak out against attacks in Congress.“

Environment Maine is an environmental advocacy organization that works on behalf of its 20,000 members and supporters to preserve Maine’s open spaces, protect clean air and water, and steer the state toward a clean energy future. For more information, please visit www.environmentmaine.org



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