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Fit at Five: Fittest Man and Woman Fundraiser

Local Y programs play a big role in many communities, but the fact that their budget relies solely on donations can make things a bit tricky. On this Fit at Five we check out a fundraiser that the Portland YMCA sets up that not only helps to bring in the dough, but brings the community together. Inspiring them to get healthy, and do something they never though was possible.

Jess Wall of the YMCA tells us how much he looks forward to this event each year. It's all about bringing the community together, and even though they do hand out titles for fittest man and woman everybody comes out a winner. 

The 2012 Fittest Man and Woman event was held at the end of January and raised over seven thousand dollars. This year's money will be used as scholarships to send disadvantaged youth to summer camp, swim camp, and other summer programs.





















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