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New parking meters in Portland accept credit cards

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The city of Portland is in the process of replacing some of its parking meters with solar powered pay stations that accept debit and credit cards.

The goal is to make parking more convenient in some of the city's busiest areas.

As part of this pilot project, the new pay stations will be installed on Commercial Street, Fore, Federal, and Free Streets, and near Maine Medical Center; if it goes well, more pay stations will be added each year.

The meters don't officially go online until next Monday, but once up and running, the machine will print a receipt of payment. With that displayed in your front window, parking officials will know exactly when you paid, and how long you've paid for. Also, with that receipt, you can move to another metered spot in town without having to pay again. There is an hour minimum on each machine, if you're paying with your card.


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