Muslims in Portland denounce ISIS, terrorism | News

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Muslims in Portland denounce ISIS, terrorism

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Muslims in Portland want people to know that Islam is a peaceful religion and not associated with ISIS. Dozens of demonstrators marched down Congress Street Thursday afternoon to make their message known. The march also fell on a holy day for Muslims.

After the attacks in Paris and other recent terrorist attacks, the group is denouncing any type of killing in the name of Islam.

"No for ISIS, yes for peace," they chanted as they walked.

As they marched, they carried the American flag alongside Iraq's flag, a visual representation of their message.

The demonstrators were part of the Iraqi community in Portland. They said anyone who kills or commits a terrorist act, such as members of ISIS, is not a Muslim.

"They are claiming that they are Islam and they're not, because they don't follow," Riyadh Shkara said. "They know nothing about Islam. Just the name. They took the name only and they have done nothing."

The people who marched said education is an important step toward acceptance. They encourage people who may not know much about Islam to read the Quran.


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