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Inspiring kindness as a way of life

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- T'is the season of giving after all. But Jessica Ciampi, a senior at Bonny Eagle High School, thinks that people should reach out to the less fortunate all year.

Ciampi is the student who organized "Project Kindness", an entire day devoted to helping people in Portland.  The goal of these seniors was to make someone smile and feel a little bit better about their situation.  They started their day on Tuesday at the Center for Grieving Children where they made snowflakes that will now greet families as they walk into the center.  Then they planned to continue their day at Preble Street Resource Center to serve lunch, and were going to end their day at the Maine Mall.  Ciampi was inspired by Michael Chase, an author and inspirational speaker, who challenged the students of Bonny Eagle to reach out to their community through random acts of kindness.

"You can do it really whenever," Ciampi said. "I mean, because, what we're going to end up doing is having it once a semester and having the class officers from other classes in our school go out and do the same thing, and eventually open it up to anyone who wants to do it."

Michael Chase, founder of The Kindness Center, said, "The holiday season is the perfect time to do this, because I think people are more receptive and they're more trusting.  When you approach someone and you offer them a free cup of coffee, or do something kind, they're more likely to say yes.  But my goal, I want to inspire kindness as a way of life."

Ciampi hopes that this will catch on at other schools, too.  Chase is hoping he can get more people to join him on his 24-hour random acts of kindness missions.


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