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Customers want refunds after flooring store closes

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Customers of a flooring company in Portland are out tens of thousands of dollars after the longtime business unexpectedly shut its doors. Floor Covering Superstore closed it's doors late last month leaving customers out in the cold.

Some customers are actually finding out the bad news after driving up to the store. The parking lot hasn't been plowed, the door is locked and has a handwritten note, that says 'closed' on the door.

Ryan Russell and his wife ordered 18-hundred dollars in wood flooring back in November. They weren't given a delivery date and every time they called the store, employees said the order had been delayed because of Hurricane Sandy.

The owners of the Freeport Café were left empty handed after the 12-hundred dollar rug ordered from the company never showed up. The rug is part of an ongoing renovation taking place at the restaurant. A delivery was expected before Christmas and their phone calls weren't returned. The manager says the owners, who were trying to help another local company, are upset about how things turned out.

'We try to do as much local business as possible, we gave the little guy our job, as far as supplying us with the carpet and this is unfortunate this was the result,'

News Center was not able to contact the owner of the store's parent company, Randall Akers of Auburn. State records show that AHJ Marketing Inc, is registered to do business under 15 other names. The Maine Attorney General's office in the meantime is urging customers to file a complaint.



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