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Making changes for safety's sake

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A meeting in Portland tonight hopes to make an area along the Eastern Promenade a little safer for pedestrians and drivers.

It's the corner of Cutter Street and the Eastern Prom.

Some people think the configuration is slightly confusing and hard to distinguish where Cutter Street Ends and Eastern Prom begins.

This not only affects the drivers, but pedestrians and people enjoying the promenade, too.

Right now if you're driving east on Eastern Promenade and want to head down to park to enjoy the playground, or tennis courts, you have to make a really sharp left turn.

There have been talks about decreasing the amount of pavement here, reduce the width of the road which would increase site lines, and provide pedistrians with a shorter crosswalk.

This crosswalk is currently the longest in the city at 100 feet.

Tonight's meeting with be at 7:30 in the Council Chambers of Portland City Hall.




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