Groups hope to make Portland intersection safer | News

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Groups hope to make Portland intersection safer

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Historic Preservation Commission in partnership with Friends of the Eastern Promenade hope to make that stretch of road safer for drivers and pedestrians.

When driving East on the Eastern Promenade in its current configuration, a fork in the road appears at the intersection of Cutter Street. The President of FoEP, Diane Davison, says that in changing the crosswalk configuration, Cutter street would be more of a right hand turn instead of a runway of the Eastern Promenade. The project also seeks to shorten the 100ft crosswak there and improve site lines for pedestrians. Davison says this project would be a part of Portland's Master Plan for the city which includes restoring Fort Allen Park and paving the Eastern Promenade this summer.

"The timing of this is really critical. Fort Allen was thankfully submitted for planning review on Monday and we're hoping to go to bid as soon as possible and starting construction in March," says Davison. "So being able to tie this in and have this completed in time to have the whole Prom beautifully paved and this whole area changed in August would be ideal."

Davison says this construction project may affect the summer concert series on the Eastern Promenade this year. If the project is not completed this summer, according to Davison, it can not happen for 5 years due to city policy on breaking asphalt after pavement projects.


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