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Storm cancels flights at the Jetport

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -The monster storm forced airlines to cancel flights by the thousands throughout the Northeast bringing air travel to a halt tonight and Saturday. Cancelling flights ahead of the storm gave passengers a chance to rebook on other flights.

Airport crews had a heck of a job keeping the runways clear this morning, they were moving snow as soon as flakes began falling before dawn.

Several of the airlines, including Jet Blue, were running on schedule this morning, but by early afternoon all of the flights coming in and out the Jetport were cancelled.

A lot passengers took advantage of major airlines waiving change fees which can run as high 150 dollars.

The so called 'weather waivers' allowed passengers flying in the storm affected areas to change their flight date without paying a change fee.

This woman is headed to Peru to visit family, but her evening flight on Jet Blue was cancelled.

'They offered me two different flights, one was at six in the morning and one was 11:30 and they even said if those were cancelled they will do something else for Sunday to make sure I arrive at some point, said Marietta Dyer.

Jet Blue airline officials say they will resume service at nine o'clock Saturday night, Delta is expected to resume service on Monday morning.

If you have a flight scheduled this weekend you are encouraged to call your airline.

The Jetport also plans to say open through the storm but only with a skeleton crew.


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