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Finding beauty in Nemo's record-breaking snowfall

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Like many people, NEWS CENTER's Tim Goff faced the daunting task of digging out after this weekend's record-breaking storm.

PHOTO GALLERY: Finding beauty in Nemo

For the first time this year, The Weather Channel has been naming major winter storms much like tropical storms and hurricanes are named, with this storm earning the moniker, Nemo.

Somewhere between the name, Nemo - synonymous with a classic cartoon movie about a little fish - and a monstrous mound of snow, Tim's wife, Amy, found some inspiration.

A native Californian, she has rarely had a chance to play in such a bountiful snowfall and decided to make a snow sculpture.  The result of hours of work is a whopper of a fish carved out of the snow Tim pulled off his roof, complete with glowing eyes made from tiny lights and glass dinner bowls!


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