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Portland snow removal to take weeks

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Public Services thought they were going to have another night dedicated solely to snow removal. But the extra snow and rain Monday froze, so they need to treat the roads before they can get to hauling out snow.

That's what crews were working on earlier this evening. They were loading up the plow trucks with sand and salt to melt the ice that was forming on the roads. Right now, crews are out taking advantage of Monday night's downtown parking ban and getting snow out of the Old Port and Downtown District. The other concern is removing snow from parts of the East and West End where fire trucks and ambulances can't get through. That's why you may see signs in your neighborhood that say "Emergency No Parking."

"We give the public notice that they cannot park on those locations and then it allows our operations to schedule snow removal of those snow banks in a timely manner," Portland Public Services Director Mike Bobinsky said. "And again, it simply allows us to make sure those streets are accessible for police and fire apparatus."

And that neighborhood snow removal is going to take at least two-to-three weeks to complete, and that's assuming we don't get any more major storms, so the city is asking everyone's patience in dealing with those added parking restrictions, and stressing that it's for everyone's safety.















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