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Surprise drug sweep at Cumberland County Jail

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Keeping drugs and other contraband out of jail. It is a constant battle that correction officers fight.

Today state corrections officials, state police, Westbrook police, and Lisbon police teamed up with deputies from the Cumberland County Jail for a surprise drug sweep at the jail in Portland.

They cleared inmates out of their cells into common areas. Then armed with drug sniffing dogs they went through every cell in the jail. The Sheriff says inmates come up with creative ways to get drugs into the jail. He says each time his deputies figure out the smuggling method, the inmates come up with new ways.

"It's like plugging holes in a dam. As soon as you plug one another one pops open. The corrections officers do a great job of finding different ways to keep drugs out, but inmates have a lot of time to figure out ways to get around those ways", said Sheriff Kevin Joyce.

Sheriff Joyce says inmates hide drugs inside their bodies. He says another clever ways inmates smuggle drugs in is to have envelopes laced with drugs mailed to them. This morning the search turned up just a few lighters.


































































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