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Inaugural poet packs Merrill Auditorium

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After facing a massive audience reading a poem at President Obama's inauguration, Richard Blanco is back in his home state, giving a reading to a packed house.

The show set a record, running out of tickets faster than any other show in the Merrill Auditorium's history. Blanco says it is encouraging that his work has gotten people so excited about poetry. His writing began as a hobby, giving him a creative outlet from his job as an engineer. He moved to Bethel from Miami, and wrote the Inaugural Poem from his home there.

He says he still has no idea how the President discovered his work or chose him for the Inauguration.

After awhile I think I just preferred the romantic fantasy I had in my head that he and Michelle are sort of snuggled up in bed with one of my books and said hunny I think we should get this guy in here for the inauguration.

During the key ceremony, Blanco was given another gift. A painting donated from a private collection of another famous Maine poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.



















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