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Winter white has plow drivers seeing green

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A rare Halloween snowstorm had plow drivers excited about the prospects of a long, snowy winter, but so far that just hasn't been the case.

"We do bank on winter and plowing, so if it does snow a lot during the winter we're making a lot of money and we are saving up money for new equipment next year," said Jake Audet, owner of Northgate Plaza Lawn Care.   "The guys who don't have the contracts, it is really hard on them.  I mean once the mowing season ends and fall clean-up, they have no income what so ever, so it definitely does help, the snow."

For cities and towns throughout the state, a lack of snowfall so far has helped save money set aside for overtime, broken equipment, and salt and sand to treat the roads.

"The upside is that we might see some budget savings," stated Nicole Clegg, the city of Portland's spokesperson.  "The downside is we love our outdoor activities."

Clegg says it is much too early in the winter to figure out if the city will be in the black when the white stuff stops falling for good.

"It really depends," said Clegg.  "It depends on the amount of precipitation, the types of precipitation, when it falls within the winter, have we called a parking ban - there are a lot of things that come into play."



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