Free Dental Day

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Friday, November 4, 33 dentists at 11 clinics throughout the Greater Portland area will be donating their services to adults who can not afford regular dental care during the third annual Dentists Who Care for ME event.  Each person will receive one service free of charge -- either a cleaning, filling, or extraction.  In some cases, patients may be refered to a specialist for further care.

The event is sponsored by the Greater Portland Dental Society.  Last year, the program treated more than 600 people. "This is the largest group of volunteer dentists so far," says Dr. Demi Kouzounas, co-organizer of the event. "We're thrilled to see the program growing!"

The following is a list of locations and hours:


440 Narragansett Trl

Buxton ME

Maine African Film Festival


The third annual Maine African Film Festival will take place from November 1st through November 6th.  Films will be screened at the Neckelodeon Cinema in Portland and Frontier Cafe in Brunswick.  The Maine African Film Festival is a program of the African Cultural Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting cross-cultural literacy, communication, appreciation and understanding between people of post-colonial African culture and the non-African public.

For a full schedule of this year's films and more information on the festival's other events, click here:  MAINE AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL


Beth Maloney, author of "Saving Sammy"


Beth Maloney, author of "Saving Sammy:Curing the Boy Who Caught OCD" , will appear on "The Doctors' on November 3rd .

Beth will also be speaking at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland on Friday, November 4th.

For more information on Beth Maloney and "Saving Sammy" click here:  SAVING SAMMY

For more information on "The Doctors" click here:  THE DOCTORS 

Let's Get Ready in Maine


Let's Get Ready is a national organization of students helping students get into college.

The Portland Chapter will hold an Open House on Wednesday, November 2nd at Deering High School.  For more information on that event email or call 617-345-0085.

For more information on Let's Get Ready click here:  LET'S GET READY 

Portland voters using ranked-choice for mayor

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Absentee voting has been underway across the state for a couple weeks now -- and in portland, that means people have been able to check out the new way of voting for mayor -- by ranking their choices. 

So far, the city clerk says only about 3,000 Portland residents have cast their ballots.

That number is lower than expected.

But, the good news, according to the clerk's office is, people do seem to be understanding these ranked choice ballots.

The way voting for mayor in Portland works is that you have the opportunity to not only pick your first choice -- but also your second, third and so on. You can rank up to 15 candidates.

Voters we spoke with say the toughest part of voting was the sheer number of candidates -- but the ballot itself was not intimidating.

Community Matters More: Preble Street

Preble Street is about people.

Passionate and generous people who say, with founder Joe Kreisler, "I am a human being. Part of my job, part of being alive, is making sure that other people are too."

People who believe that families living in poverty should not have to go hungry, that no one should have to be on the street when they are tired or sick or cold, that youth who have no home should not have to live in fear and danger.

People who see their homeless neighbors as men and women, boys and girls with dignity, worth, and potential.

And most of all, the courageous people who come to Preble Street seeking help to overcome unimaginably difficult circumstances--disabilities, abuse, unemployment, addictions, isolation, language barriers.

People working together to turn hunger and homelessness into opportunity and hope through programs that operate 24/7/365 to meet the needs of 500 people each day.

International Cryptozoology Museum


The International Cryptozoology Museum has just moved to a new location.  It is now located at 11 Avon Street in Portland.  The museum includes exhibits about cryptids and features displays about the finds of "living fossils" and other creatures.

For more information on the International Cryptozoology Museum click here:  INTERNATIONAL CRYPTOZOOLOGY MUSEUM