MS Harborfest returns for its 30th Year


The MS Harborfest is also celebrating 30 years this season. When it began, M.S Harborfest was a small regatta.  It has now grown into a three-day festival. This year the M.S. Harborfest has expanded with an enhanced auction at a new venue, and more activities for the whole family. And the Lobster Boat Races will return again this year!

MS Harborfest honors the recreational and working waterfront of Portland and benefits the Greater New England Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The festival runs from August 19-21st on the Portland waterfront.

For more information about MS Harborfest click here: MS HARBORFEST

Voters to decide on Civic Center modernization plan

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The fate of the Cumberland County Civic center Renovation project now rests in the hands of voters.

The plan calls for upgrades to the 35 year old facility, including expanding the concourses with more concessions stands and bathrooms, adding club seating, expanding and improving the back of the house and loading docks, and improving access for people with disabilities, along with other structural and cosmetic improvements.

County commissioners voted 2-1 Monday evening in favor of sending the plan to referendum. Voters will be asked to approve a bond to pay for the $33 million project.

Vonda Shepard


Vonda Shepard had some hits early in her career in the late 1980's, then it took off as she became the voice of the hit TV show "Ally McBeal."  Shepard sold more than 12 million records worldwide throughout the span of the TV show.  She also served as the show's musical producer, working with many of the guests artists who appeared on the show and recording almost 500 songs featuring artists including Gladys Knight, Sting, Barry Manilow and Jon Bon Jovi.

Vonda Shepard was in Maine to perform at The Landing at Pine Point on Thursday August 4th.

For more information on this show click here:  THE LANDING AT PINE POINT

Portland Observatory

When Captain Lemuel Moody organized the construction of an observatory on Portland's Munjoy Hill back in 1807, he was looking to build a signal tower to watch for ships coming into the harbor. He has no idea that his tower would become one of the city's landmarks, visited by thousands of people every year.

The Portland Observatory is the only remaining maritime signal tower in the Unites States. The tower was used by ships and merchants as a way of communicating. Watchers in the tower used telescopes to keep an eye out for ships. When they saw one they would raise that ship's flag, alerting dock workers on shore that a ship would soon be at the docks to be unloaded.

Two charged with violating graffiti ordinance

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man and woman, both in their twenties, have been charged with criminal mischief for violating Portland's new graffiti ordinance.

Police say early Monday morning, an officer saw Robert Sinnott, 26, of Portland, and Alana Saleeby, 22, of Scarborough laying in the intersection of Deering and Mellen Streets.

While the officer was checking on them, police received a report nearby of a couple writing on signs. Police say the ink on the signs matched markers Sinnot and Saleeby were carrying.

The new Portland ordinance bans creating graffiti as well as possession of graffiti-making implements.

No court date has been scheduled.

Spend the weekend laughing at the Portland Improv Fest

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Portland Improv Festival starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday.

It's being held at the Lucid Stage on Baxter Boulevard.

One of the organizers, Rachel Flehinger visited the Morning Report to talk about the event and teach Sharon Rose a thing or two about improv.

For information and tickets to the event click here!

Portland takes aim at sugary drinks

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The city of Portland has just launched a new ad campaign on buses, the news paper and TV, geared towards getting people to think about what they drink.

The "Pouring on the Pounds" campaign is all about how much sugar you consume in just one bottle of soda, juice drink, or energy drink. For instance, a 20 oz soda has the equivalent of 16 packets of sugar.

The city is hoping that when people are armed with that information, they will choose healthier drinks like water or milk for themselves and their children. The ad campaign costs $47,000 and is being paid for with money from a $1.8 million federal stimilus grant to prevent obesity.