Surfers catch waves before Irene arrives

SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Before Irene arrived in Maine, some surfers at Higgins Beach were able to catch some good waves.

They had been monitoring the storm and made sure winds weren't too intense before they took advantage of the waves.  Surfers at Higgins Beach said they made sure they got an early start so they could cut out early, long before Irene started coming in at full force.  A couple of dozen surfers were spotted in the open waters, but were taking Irene's approach pretty seriously.

"Me and my buddy, we woke up and like saw that it was nothing over 15 mph, so we were like, let's go check it out," Nick Norris, a local surfer, said. "Got some fun ones this morning, and everything was good."

The days surfers are really looking forward to are Monday and Tuesday.  They anticipate they'll catch some of the best waves of the season.

No one's going anywhere

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you were planning on traveling basically any mode of transportation today in Maine, you were out of luck.

Concord Coach Trailways and Amtrak cancelled all of its bus and train services today.  The Greyhound bus station in Portland was also all boarded up and not taking anyone anywhere.  All flights at Jetport were cancelled, and because airports in major cities on the east coast cancelled its flights also, there are a lot of lot of logistical issues that need to get back to normal before anyone gets on a flight. 

"And this is not the nationwide system," Paul Bradbury, Jetport Director, said. "When you affect markets like Washington D.C. and New York, those impacts - I mean, many of us know through the winter storms we have here in Portland and throughout the east coast, it takes 24 hours to get those out of the system."

Carroll expects all flights to resume tomorrow.


Sun shines for WCSH 6 Sidewalk Art Festival

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The 46th Annual WCSH 6 Sidewalk Art Festival dodged bad weather.

It was a slow start to the festival Sunday as thick fog blanketed the state but as the sun came out so did the crowd.

Art of various types lined Congress Street from Monument Square through Congress Square.

At the same time auto-lovers wandered the WCSH parking lot viewing some of the best classic and new cars in the area.

Sunday's winners are:

Best In Show 1st Place: Jan Grossman

Second Place Festival Award: J. C. Airoldi

Third Place Festival Award: Melissa Past van der Burg

Festival Purchase Prize: Dick Fischer

LePage declares state of emergency ahead of Irene

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Maine Gov. Paul LePage has declared a statewide emergency to allow state, county and local governments to better respond to approaching Hurricane Irene. And Maine's largest electric utility is already calling on Canadian utility crews to assist, even before Irene's arrival.

LePage issued his proclamation Friday afternoon after meeting with senior advisers and officials from the Maine Emergency Management to discuss the impending storm.

National Weather Service forecaster John Jensenius says there's a possibility of hurricane-force winds, meaning 74 mph or more, and 20- to 25-foot seas offshore when the storm arrives late Sunday in Maine.

Central Maine Power says 60 contract crews from Canada will bring the number of line crews to 200, in addition to 150 tree-cutting crews loaned to the utility from within Maine.


Bath Salts Warning Poster

Bath Salts Warning Poster