Greater Portland Public Development Commission Grants $375,000 to Regional Economic Development Grou

The Greater Portland Public Development Commission is pleased to announce a multi-year grant of $375,000 to a regional organization that focuses exclusively on job creation and retention and attracting and keeping business in the Greater Portland area.

The Greater Portland Economic Development Corporation (GPEDC) is a regional public /private partnership whose mission is to further economic development opportunities in the Greater Portland region. The GPEDC serves the communities of Portland , South Portland , Scarborough, Westbrook, Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth and is actively working on a plan to attract and retain businesses in the region through marketing, workforce development, and links with institutions of higher learning.

Author Gerry Boyle


Crime writer Gerry Boyle's latest book "Port City Black and White" will be released September 1st. Gerry will host a book launch event at Longfellow Books on September 8th at 7pm.

For more information on Gerry: GERRY BOYLE

Music from This Way


The band This Way has a show coming up at Port City Music Hall on October 7th. 

For more information on the band: THIS WAY

For more information on Port City: PORT CITY MUSIC HALL 


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Mainer returns after swimming English Channel

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's own Pat Gallant-Charette, the oldest American woman to swim the English Channel, returned home Tuesday night. Her friends and family surprised her by meeting her at the bus station in Portland with flowers late this afternoon.

Gallant-Charette, who is 60 years old, completed the 21-mile swim a week ago Monday. It was Gallant-Charette's third attempt at swimming the channel. She had just 2 miles left in 2008 when she had to stop because the current was just too strong. In 2009, she couldn't even make her scheduled attempt because of bad weather.

Gallant-Charette says she was determined that no matter the current, she would make it this time. And she says the support she received from Maine means the world to her.

Drive for Safety: the dangers of aggressive driving

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After a stressful day at work some drivers vent out their daily annoyances on the road.  That's when aggressive driving can happen.

Aggressive driving includes the most obvious ones like tailgating, speeding, and giving inappropriate hand gestures.  But it also includes exiting and entering the highway incorrectly, improper passing, and unnecessarily using your horn, highbeams, and breaks.

Road rage is taking aggressive driving to the next level in an intentionally physical way. It can sometimes be a criminal offense when a driver decides to retaliate with violence.  This could range from a physical confrontation to assault.  With nearly 7 million crashes happening a year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Maine State Police are urging people to take a deep breath and drive in a more calmly manner.

Tens of thousands of Mainers remain without power

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As of Tuesday morning, Central Maine Power reports 92,935 customers without power. 

"This storm is a very serious storm and this is sort of among the larger storms that we've ever seen," stated CMP spokesperson John Carroll.  "This is a major storm.  It is going to take us days, certainly days and days, to put this all back together."

Carroll says approximately 280,000 customers lost power during tropical storm Irene - nearly half of the homes and businesses CMP delivers power to.  

The company has over a thousand employees working working in the field and in service centers on the restoration effort.