Early Socialization is Critical for Your Pup

Early Socialization is Critical for Your Pup

When you are out and about with your dog, have you ever encountered a person who is clutching their small dog to their chest as the furry bundle growls and spits and hisses and snarls?  The person usually says something like, "My dog just doesn't like other dogs!"  Sadly, chances are very good that the dog was not properly socialized early in life.

Professional dog trainers will tell you that you need to give your new pup "100 exposures in 100 days."  Research has shown that dogs imprint and integrate these new experiences and have a much greater chance of being open and enthusiastic (at best) and non-reactive (at a minimum) when encountering the same stimuli later in life.'s the kicker:  the window begins to close at around four months (16 weeks) of age, meaning that your pup becomes less and less open to new experiences from this age forward.

Santa Helps Planet Dog Raise Funds for Canine Service

Thanks to 80 dogs and their families, the Planet Dog Company Store in Portland raised $800 for the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) grant program! 
Each participant received a holiday card worthy photo.  One satisfied 5-year old said, “Wow, Mom.  That Santa is a whole lot nicer than the other Santas I’ve met!”
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Planet Dog is barking about the winner of their Cover Dog Challenge that took place at Woofminster, the Fifth Annual Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) Amateur Dog Show Fundraiser, held recently at Camp Ketcha in Scarborough, Maine.  The popular annual event which was sponsored by L.L.Bean, Color Me Mine, Dances with Dogs and Macomber, Inc., raised over $5,000 to support Guiding Eyes for the Blind's Maine puppy-raising team.  
About 250 dog-loving attendees, vendors and volunteers participated in the event, with over 100 dogs watching or competing in fun and silly contests including; Best Mystery Mutt, Best Trick, Happiest Dog and Best Beggar.  "It was wonderful to see the dog community come together for a fun event to help raise money to support the Maine puppy-raisers of Guiding Eyes for the Blind," says Kristen Smith, the Executive Director of PDF.  "In addition to giving their time and love to the puppies, the volunteer raisers are also responsibl