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10 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter

10 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter

Thinking of selling your home in the next few weeks? Or did you think it would be better to wait for Spring? This time of year may not be as bad as you think. Take a look at the list below for a few REALLY great reasons why you may want to sell your house now, as oppose to the Spring.

1. November and December buyers are usually serious.

2. Job transferees use the holidays to house hunt because January is the biggest transfer month.

3. Investors usually want to close contracts by year-end for tax purposes.

4. Nearly half of homebuyers don’t have children living at home; there’s no need to wait for school to let out.

5. Remodeling, decorating, appliance installation and other services are more available and at less of a premium.

6. There is still plenty of mortgage money available for (Qualified) buyers.

7. Lenders aren’t quite as busy typically at this time of the year and can process loans faster.


The Grand Monster Re-opening of the International Cryptozoology Museum

The Grand Monster Re-opening of the International Cryptozoology Museum


The Grand Monster Re-opening of the International Cryptozoology Museum™ will be from Noon to 6:00 PM on Sunday, October 30, 2011, at our new location, 11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine. Come celebrate Halloween early at the “World’s First and Only Cryptozoology Museum”™! All admissions are $2.00 for this one-time event.


The new, expanded, enlarged location will be opening through the side entrance at 11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine. This is just around the corner from our present Congress Street location, but we will be using “11 Avon Street, Portland, Maine” for GPS purposes. The museum will be closed for one week before the reopening for the massive move and re-curating of the 3000+ artifacts, including the full-sized art sculptures of the Crookston Bigfoot, Freaky Links’ pterodactyl, P.T.

Does Your House Look Like a HAUNTED HOUSE?!?

Does Your House Look Like a HAUNTED HOUSE?!?

Haunted Houses are scary and no one wants to go in them. You certainly don’t want your home to be labeled as such. Curb appeal in the fall and winter is just as important as in the spring and summer. If your house is currently on the market, consider doing these few things to make sure your home doesn’t look like a Haunted House this Halloween season and scare away any buyers. You want people to run into your home with smiles, not away in fear!


With all the falling leaves and heavy rain we have had lately, it is important to make sure your gutters are not over flowing with leaves, pine needles or debris.

Win Four Tickets to the Sylvania 300 @ the New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Win Four Tickets to the Sylvania 300 @ the New Hampshire Motor Speedway
SYLVANIA 300 Sunday, September 25, 2011 2:00pm Oval - NASCAR Sprint Cup Series


The cars and stars of NASCAR race their way back to New England for the SYLVANIA 300 and the second race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup on Sunday, September 25. As part of NASCAR’s 10-race playoffs, this 300-lap event is sure to be pivotal in deciding the series champion.

TOPSHAM FAIR August 9th-August 14th

TOPSHAM FAIR August 9th-August 14th

• One of the oldest Agricultural Fairs in Maine, established in 1854.
• New dates this year (used to run Sunday through Saturday) this year moving to
Tuesday August 9th through Sunday 14th.
• Free admission harness racing only days Sunday August 7th and Monday August
• New rates this year $10 admission for everyone includes limitless rides.
• Rides by Rockwell Amusements
• Senior Day is Tuesday August 9th, 63 and over admission is $3.00
• Agricultural events: Draft horse pulling, Ox and steer pulling, harness racing, pig
scrambles for 5, 6, 7, and 8 yr olds- everyone gets a chance to chase a pig.
• Big Entertainment: AWA Wrestling Tues. night. Demolition Derby Weds. night,
Twyce Shy Thurs. night, Redneck Truck Pull Friday night, Demolition Derby Sat.
night followed by fireworks, Imperial Stunt Drivers Sun.

How To Find A Realtor

How To Find A Realtor

Tonight I got home early after a botched attempt at running the 5k route for the Tri For A Cure during a thunder storm and received a text from a buyer client we helped last spring with the purchase of his first home. He says, ‘my buddy signed an agreement with a Realtor but it’s TOTALLY not working out. What does he do? I tried to get him to work with you but his mother-in-law hooked him up with some guy who lists million dollar properties but doesn’t seem to have any time for his $150,000 budget.’ First thing I thought was YIKES! Neither one of these guys (Client or Realtor) really took each other for a test run.

On our way to get a new cord for my laptop, my husband and I pondered the question for a bit. If you didn’t know a Realtor, how would you find one? A lot of times your parents will want to step in and tell you who to work with. This could work; however, would you let your parents go school shopping with you once you hit high school?

Why you should buy a Multi-Family!

Ever drive down the street and say ” I wonder what it would be like to own multi family?” Well, I am going to tell you how FABULOUS it can be (Especially in Greater Portland – Hint: SMCC, USM, New England College)

Don’t get me wrong, being a landlord is NOT for everyone. If you flip out over scuffed walls in the hallway or if a call in the middle of the night because the furnace died totally puts you out, you may want to pass on owning income property. However, if you don’t mind these things and you want some extra cash in your pocket each month then take notice: there are opportunities right in your neighborhood.

Since we work with a lot of first time home buyers, one of our first questions to them is always, “Have you thought about owning a mulit-family?” They usually say that they have teetered with the idea but don’t really see any huge benefits. As a first time buyer, here are a couple of reasons why you TOTALLY want to buy a multi: