Main Street Bath announces the 4th annual Bath Blarney Days celebration "City of the Irish"

Bath - March 11-17, when for one week the City of Ships becomes the “City of the Irish”. 

The city will celebrate all things Irish with a week of festivities as we march, sing, run, eat, drink, enjoy family activities and welcome spring with the “wearin’ o’the green”. 

The event will be launched on Sunday, March 11, with an Irish Sing-along at Byrnes’ Irish Pub from 5-7pm. There will also be a pig roast at Beale Street Barbecue from noon- 9pm and the Bath Antiques Show at the Bath Middle School.

On Monday, March 12, Byrnes’ Irish Pub will conduct an Irish Sessiun from 7-9pm, followed by Irish Trivia on the evening of Tuesday March 13.

On Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17, downtown retailers will hold a March Madness Sale with “green tag” items, discounts and demos.

On Friday, from 5-7pm, a free Irish cultural evening at City Hall Auditorium will feature Irish poetry, music and art.

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Just Another Tirade

Just Another Tirade

 I dined with a friend at Miyake on Fore Street last weekend and was fortunate to enjoy the best sushi in town. Okay, it was sort of like a date, but regardless it was lovely. I wore my darkest pair of designer jeans and a navy blue leotard decorated with shiny confetti sewn to the ruffles of the neckline (leotards are back! Did you know?). Accompanied by a pair of what I like to call “Target Special” close-toed wedges (because if you know me I need the extra height), and a khaki colored sweater that draped off my shoulders. Sometimes I worry about my attire when I leave my apartment in Portland. Am I alone in this concern? Less and less has seemingly become more, and I feverishly try to cover up. Nevertheless, I fit in with the rest of Miyake’s clientele that night, and did not feel in the least bit self-conscious.

When banks couldn't, Starbucks could; national media feature Gelato Fiasco financing story

PORTLAND, Maine -- The Gelato Fiasco was served a giant dish of national press coverage yesterday as word spread of the company's unusual method of financing its new Portland store. The company was featured by CNN Money and Bloomberg News.

Last year, founders Joshua Davis, 29, and Bruno Tropeano, 28, sought financing from traditional banks for the new store that they planned for Portland's Old Port. The company already operated a successful store on Maine Street in downtown Brunswick and sold its pints at more than 140 other grocery stores and restaurants in New England. Even with that history, local banks couldn't make the loan. So Davis and Tropeano sought assistance from Coastal Enterprises, a nonprofit community development lender.

Coastal Enterprises offered The Gelato Fiasco a loan funded in part by the Create Jobs for USA program.

The Night I Did Not Cook

The Night I Did Not Cook

I am a self-proclaimed foodie.  I am a lover of good food; good food having the broadest of definitions from a simple burger, to a delightful beet risotto with the daintiest dabs of creamy goat cheese.  As I have mentioned, and will again, food makes me incredibly happy.  Making the perfect roasted chicken: soft and moist, the meat just falling off the bone, yet so flavorful you’re not sure if lemon and garlic were meant to taste that way; or mastering the most sinful cake or cookie – when the response of the eater is nothing more than a sigh, I know my work is done. 

Then there are the days like I have had lately where I just do not have the ambition to cook; and my soul, or stomach, is lacking and can only be satiated by the “right” food.  Sometimes, most time, I have no idea what that right food is until it happens.  It’s like when you’re in the most foul of foul moods, and it’s that one joke, that one moment that snaps you out of it and back