Railroad project from Portland to Auburn moves forward | Transportation

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Railroad project from Portland to Auburn moves forward

The Maine Commercial Association of REALTORS® (MCAR) today announced it got a $15,000 dollar grant to explore the 29-mile public transit line between Portland and Auburn.

In collaboration with the Maine Rail Transit Coalition, regional town officials and MCAR will use the money to study how to improve housing and business development, create jobs and lessen the impacts on the environment related to the passenger rail project.
In conjunction with this research, Maine is eligible for a transit infrastructure grant of up to $75,000,000 dollars. MCAR wants to ensure the rail transportation proposal will reduce  public transportation costs and support sustainable growth  and protect the environment.
This grant will allow MCAR to explore land-use along the state-owned St. Lawrence Atlantic Railway (SLR) corridor between Portland and Auburn, Maine. 
With the money, MCAR will identify all interested parties and stakeholders before presenting a plan to local, state and federal agencies. 
MCAR will initiate discussion about several topics; land use, zoning, cost, impacts the commuter rail could have on the SLR, return on investment and a communication and education plan for the public.
“Across the nation, individuals, families, local, state and federal governments are grappling with the exorbitant costs of a transportation system dependent on a single mode of transportation; the automobile,” said Tony Donovan, MCAR Board member and founder of the Maine Rail Transit Coalition. “Too often, national transportation policies direct state and local decision-making without fully considering the impacts on consumers or communities.”
For more information, please visit http://www.mainerailtransit.org/Maine_Rail_Transit_Coalition/Welcome.html


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