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Road Crack Sealing Work Begins Today

Crews to seal cracks in major arterials and residential areas to extend lifespan of the street 

PORTLAND, Maine – Beginning today, September 28th and continuing through October, crews will conduct day and nighttime crack sealing along major arterials and residential streets throughout Portland.  Work on residential streets will be done during the day and major arterials work will take place overnight. Crack sealing utilizes a rubberized petroleum-based material that fills in the separation gaps typically found on pavement.  This repair work extends the overall lifespan of the street and is an effective cost-saving measure.  If left unchecked, water and debris can infiltrate these cracks and cause a great deal of damage due to frost and settling.  While the work is underway, commuters can expect delays.

 Streets to be crack sealed are:

Adams Street, Allen Avenue, Anderson Street, Arbor Street, Arcadia Street, Arundel Road, Atlantic Street, Auburn Street, Avon Place, Bancroft Court, Bancroft Street, Bay View Drive, Belfort Street, Belknap Street, Belfield Street, Belmeade Road, Berwick Street, Best Street, Brighton Avenue, Caleb Street, Carroll Street, Chapman Street, Chenery Street, Chestnut Street, Churchill Street, Clark Street, Clinton Street, Cobb Avenue, Codman Street, Colonial Center, Colonial Road, Commercial Street, Continental Drive, Crosby Street, Cumberland Street, Cushman Street, Deane Street, Deering Avenue, Deering Street, Dole Drive, Donald Street, Edwards Street, Emery Street, Exchange Street, Exeter Street, Farragut Street, Fernald Street, Florence Street, Forest Avenue, Frances Street, Freeman Street, Front Street, Frost Hill Road, Frye Street, Galvin Street, Godfrey Street, Graham Terrace, Granite Street, Greenwood Lane, Halet Street, Hall Street, Hamblet Avenue, Hampshire Street, Hanover Street, Harvard Street, Henry Street, Hersey Street, Holly Street, Holm Avenue, Hunt Street, Idaho Street, Island Street, Kent Street, Kidder Street West, Kineo Street, Lancaster Street, Lane Avenue, Lawn Avenue, Leonard Street, Lewis Street, Lincoln Street, Loraine Street, Lucas Street, Mackworth Street, Madeline Street, Maine Avenue, Maple Street, Marlow Street, Massachusetts Avenue, Meadow Brook Lane, Mellen Street, Neal Street, New Street, Newbury Street, North Street, Ocean Avenue, Old Barn Lane, Olde Birch Lane, Park Street, Parsons Road, Payson Street, Pembroke Street, Pershing Street, Pitt Street, Presumpscot Street, Primrose Lane, Randall Street, Raymond Road, Redlon Road, Rice Road, Riverton Drive, Roberts Street, Roundabout Lane, Salem Street, Scott Street, Seeley Avenue, Sheffield Street, Sherwood Street, Springbrook Way, Spruce Street, St. Joseph Street, St. Lawrence Street, Stevens Avenue, Storer Street, Stroudwater Road, Sullivan Street, Summit Street, Toerry Street, Union Street, Vannah Avenue, Violette Hill Avenue, Wadsworth Street, Warren Avenue, Washington Avenue, Watson Street, Waterville Street, Wellwood Road, Westbrook Street, Whitney Avenue, Woodford Street, and Woodmont Street.



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