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Marissa Does Portland - And a little Kamasouptra, too.

It's called Kamasouptra so you know it has to be good.

The first time I experienced the little one stop soup shop on the second floor of the Public Market House on Congress Street was a little over a week ago. One of the very friendly guys that was working there accidentally squirted water all over me. As a reparation for my slightly dampened sweater, he offered me an amazing mini carrot cake cupcake. And it was a combination of the personalities, the cupcake and the Jerusalem Artichoke soup-- it tasted like angels voices (as one of the other guys told me it would)-- that made me realize that I was going to need a "souper" buyer card (get it? super!).

It was a rainy and blustery Wednesday so I decided to head back to Kamasouptra, with two of my favorite guys, to indulge in a little light lunch that would warm me up. 

Parking in Portland was inconvenient at best. But, my driver and lunch date, the lovely Mike Webster, insisted that we drive around until we found the perfect spot. I mocked him for a good five minutes until he pulled up to a spot that was not only right down the street from our destination but that still had an hour and twenty two minutes left on the meter from the previous occupier of the spot. It was shaping up to be a good day. Mike and I walked to the Public Market House to meet Donovan on his lunch break from work. 

Donovan and I both had a cup of the baked potato soup, sprinkled with bacon, alongside a salted roll. It was really tasty. One cup was almost not enough (get the bowl, always get the bowl!). But not wanting to appear as gluttonous as I really am, I decided to hold off until my next visit for another cup. Mike had eaten already and skipped on the soup, opting for a peanut butter mocha latte from the little coffee stand about 100 feet down from Kamasouptra instead. He did steal a spoonful of my soup so he didn't miss out entirely.

The soup is amazing but it's more than just that. The people that run the place are all cheerful and have made me laugh on both occasions. Even if the soup sucked, I'd give them another chance for that reason alone. And come on, the playfulness of the name-- Kamasouptra-- has to go a long way with customers. After all, who doesn't appreciate a good sexual innuendo with their soup?

The price was yet another delight. My meal was just a little over three dollars and fifty cents. On my just-graduated-from-college/new-job budget, I couldn't ask for anything better.

And the atmosphere in the Public Market House really ties the whole thing together. If soup isn't your thing that day, no problem! There's somewhere to buy sandwiches, a pizza, coffee-- even vegetables and cheese-- right under the same roof. You can sit upstairs, read a book, hop on your lap top or play a board game while you enjoy one of your treats.

And luckily for me, it's all right in downtown Portland, only a few minutes walk from my apartment. Portland is the city for me and Kamasouptra is just one more reason that proves that to be true.

...But why can't I stop thinking about that cupcake?!


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