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Photographer not only a superfan, but also the team mom

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Jane Grabler's twin boys played for South Portland in the late 1990's, so she grabbed her camera to document their games, but once they graduated, she could not resist the allure of the sidelines.

So for the past dozen years, she has been at every game, home and away, camera in hand capturing the agony of defeat and glory of victory one photograph at a time.

"If you can get a good shot of them and it just gives them, 'Oh, look at me, that is an awesome picture,' that is what makes me happy," Grabler explained about her obsession.  "Just seeing their smiles on their faces and them enjoying their pictures, that's all that counts."

In the old days she'd take ten to fifteen rolls of film a game and develop them so the kids could see themselves in action.  Now equipped with two digital cameras, she can shoot and keep what she likes and erase the rest.  She estimates that over the twelve seasons she has been shooting she has shot easily ten thousand pictures.

Her boys have moved on in their lives and now work for the South Portland Fire Department, and Jane has followed along.  She keeps a scanner handy and shoots pictures of fires and accidents to help document the events and provides them as a training resource for the department.

"When you go to fire, you never know what you are going to get," she said, admitting the pictures can be beautiful, but the pain of someone's loss can make the situation very emotional and difficult.

But it is on the sidelines where she really feels most at home.  "I'm like their team mom in a way," she stated.  "I give them a little pat on the back end and keep them going and give them a little encouragement."

Armed with her cameras, she keeps one in her purse at all times just in case, Jane Grabler is always looking to take a shot to capture the moment for someone else. 

"Photos are memories and that is all we have," she explained. 



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