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Planting garlic for next year.
Planting garlic for next year.

Fall is the best time to plant your garlic crop for next year.  Garlic is a bulb which means that each little clove of garlic can produce a brand new BIG head of garlic with lots more little cloves for cooking!  The thing is a bulb needs a "wintering over", a cold period to set it's clock running.  Then in the spring when the earth gets to just the right temperature the bulbs begin to grow, just like a crocus or daffodil.  So the important thing to do is plan where you'd like to have your garlic patch for next year and then sow your garlic!  We planted these bulbs 4-6 inches apart and 2-3 inches down.  I should also mention that we have lots of heads of garlic in our basement from our harvest this year.  With proper storage techniques, ie. cool, dark and dry, we will have garlic right through the winter!

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