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Commute Another Way Week set for May 16-20
Commute Another Way Week set for May 16-20


Commuters who carpool, vanpool, ride transit, bike, walk or telecommute May 16 through 20 can double their miles per gallon – or better. With high gas prices hitting commuters hard in the pocketbook this spring, Commute Another Way Week is urging employers and commuters to work together to raise their MPG – and save a bundle on their daily commute.

“This is the 17th year we’ve held this event, and one thing that never stops drawing people in is the message about how much you can save when you drive alone to work less frequently,” says event organizer Carey Kish of the GO MAINE program.

The purpose of Commute Another Way Week is to let help Maine commuters learn more about carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking or riding transit, teleworking and other low-cost alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle. Several hundred Maine employers have in the past participated in the event, supporting their employees’ efforts to lower their commuting cost. Employers also benefit from decreased parking demand, reduced congestion on local streets and happier, healthier, more engaged employees.

“Our theme this year is ‘What’s your MPG?,’ and it’s all about choices that pay off in a big way for Maine employers and commuters every day,” says Kish. “When you carpool, you double your miles-per-gallon and that can save you up to $795 a year* in gas alone.”

Kish adds that vanpooling, riding the bus, the train, biking or walking can save you even more and boost your MPG to 200 or more. “We’re in a time when people are figuring how to do more with less. Commuting another way is a way to get more out of something you have to do every day,” says Kish.

This year’s event will devote one day of the week to a different commuting mode. Monday, May 16 will be “Carpool Monday” followed by “Transit Tuesday,” “Vanpool Wednesday,” and “Bicycle Friday” – timed to coincide with “Maine Bike to Work Day.” As in years past, commuters are encouraged to be creative with their commute – particularly on “Anything Goes Thursday.”

For more information about the event, and money-saving commuter options for all of the above, go to or call 800.280.RIDE. Or visit the

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