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Where can I find Olympics on cable?

WCSH 6, NBC Sports Network, Bravo, MSNBC and CNBC will all carry Olympic content. Time Warner Cable will also be carrying NBC's Olympic Basketball channel and Olympic Soccer channels.

Different communities have different channel number configurations (on cable).

If you have Time Warner Cable, these are the channel numbers in your area:

WCSH 6 06/506
NBC Sports Network 65/549
Bravo 52/565
MSNBC 37/595
CNBC 40/593
Basketball Channel 1510 (only)
Soccer Channel 1511 (only)

Do you have Comcast, DirecTV or Dish Network?  Consult your listings!

ALL Olympic coverage will be available streaming live online.  Go to nbcolympics.com for much more information.

And remember, WCSH 6 is always free, over the air!

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