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Blueberry netting project.
Blueberry netting project.

About a year ago I planted out six blueberry bushes on our property.   With brand new plants you must be patient since you really are supposed to wait THREE YEARS before harvesting any blueberries.  We are just THICK with deer so to protect the plants I set up a small wire cage around each one.  Well now the plants are outgrowing the cages so I decided to build a larger structure that would protect the bushes from birds and deer.  I'm sort of experimenting here.  I don't really know of anyone else doing something quite like this.  My plan is to use large T-Posts that will hold up some heavy weight netting over the entire blueberry patch.  This netting will surely keep the birds away and my hope is it will deter the deer as well.  This is only part one of this project.  I don't have the netting yet.  I'll post results when I finish the project!

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