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My antique Gravely tractor is restored!
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It is RUNNING!  I buttoned up my 1960 Gravely Model Li restoration just about a week ago!  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  This tractor is NOT meant to be a show piece.  I intend to use this as a working tractor.  There are several things about this tractor that are different from my other model, a 5260.  First of all there is no governor mechanizm that carefully adds throttle when needed.  That job falls to the operator!  If you need a little more power, like when cutting through thick grass, you have to add throttle yourself.  It takes a little getting used to.  The directional control levers are reversed which is very.... exciting!  And the PTO engagement lever is right up near the implement instead of near the control handles.  PTO stands for Power Take Off and it's the "business end" of the tractor, the end that spins the implements.  In this case that is up front where I bolt on all my attachments.  So in order to start the mowing deck or snow blower or rototiller one must actually leave the controls and walk to the front of the tractor, throw the PTO lever and then hurry back to the controls!  Not exactly safe but hey, it was 1940 when this thing was designed!  They did make a special "remote PTO" rod that one could pull from back behind the tractor but that was extra!  I can still get parts to do this so I may try that but for now I'll stick with the old tried and true UNSAFE version! 

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