Bernie Sanders campaign opens first office in Maine | News

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Bernie Sanders campaign opens first office in Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bernie Sanders' campaign has officially opened its first office in Maine. The campaign and a group of supporters celebrated the opening Wednesday night.

The democratic presidential candidate wasn't there, but dozens of people still crammed into the office to show their support.

The event almost felt like a rally, with supporters cheering on the people who spoke. Several state lawmakers were there, including Rep. Ben Chipman (D-Portland), Rep. Christine Powers (D-Naples) and Sen. John Patrick (D-Rumford).

For a while, Sanders was considered a long shot to Hillary Clinton. However, the most recent WSJ/NBC News poll shows Sanders has a 4-point lead in New Hampshire and trails Clinton by three points in Iowa.

"I think people are listening to him and hearing what he has to say and he's speaking the truth," Lindsay McArthur, a Sanders supporter, said.

Campaign officials in Maine said they've heard from people who are willing to drive to New Hampshire to volunteer.

With the new office, officials said they're hoping for a big push ahead of the February primary in New Hampshire to carry them into the Maine caucuses in March.

NEWS CENTER reached out to Hillary Clinton's campaign to see if it plans on opening an office in Maine, but has not heard back.


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