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Maine professionals tweeting toward career success

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some people use the social networking website Twitter for fun, and others are finding that it can be a helpful career tool.

Mainers who use Twitter met Wednesday night for a "tweetup," an event where people who regularly interact on the website meet face to face. Many people there said Twitter has been useful in furthering their careers because it gives people insight into who they are and makes them want to learn more. That's how Greg Daly, or @DJNoRequest as he is known on Twitter, found work after he lost his job.

"Through many like interests or through just similar approaches to things, people wanted to end up working with me on things" Daly said.

Comedian Rachel Flehinger said Twitter provides her with a constant audience, and a way to promote her work.

"I get to talk about things that I think are hilarious and ridiculous, and I get to do it on Twitter," Flehinger said. "And then it helps me because I teach improv comedy and I perform, so then people actually come and see me live or take my classes.



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