Eleven Maine Hospitals Selected for National Quality Improvement Effort

Eleven hospitals across Maine will participate in the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) Hospital Quality Network, an innovative, nationwide program led by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The AF4Q initiative is RWJF’s signature effort to lift the overall quality of health care in targeted communities, as well as reduce racial and ethnic disparities and provide models for national reform. Maine’s AF4Q initiative is led by Quality Counts in close collaboration with the Maine Health Management Coalition and the Dirigo Health Agency’s Maine Quality Forum.

During the AF4Q Hospital Quality Network, hospital teams will work together to improve the quality and safety of patient care by piloting and testing new quality improvement strategies over an 18-month period.

Gun ban goes before Portland City Council

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Gun rights will be on the agenda tonight at the Portland city council meeting.

 The full council will decide whether to vote on a resolution that would call on the state legislature to make it illegal to bring guns in to public places where crowds gather, like City Hall.

  The Portland Public Safety Committee approved the measure then it was put up for public comment.

  City council will also get public input on the issue tonight at 7pm. Then councilors will be asked to vote on whether the legislation should move forward.

 Gun rights advocates are against the proposal, saying it infringes on the second amendment of the Constitution.

But supporters say it's simply a matter of basic public safety.








Maine could become end of "hydrogen highway"

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Maine could become the northern end of an East Coast "hydrogen highway" if a company builds a hydrogen filling station in Portland to power a coming generation of fuel-cell powered electric vehicles.

SunHydro of Wallingford, Conn., has proposed building an initial network of nine hydrogen service stations along Interstate 95 from Portland to Miami.

The company's first station opened last month in Wallingford. A second station is planned for Braintree, Mass.

The company would use solar panels and water to produce hydrogen.

The Portland Press Herald says the company claims it would be the world's first chain of privately funded stations for fuel-cell-powered cars and trucks.

Company officials are planning a meeting next Tuesday in Portland to discuss the proposal.




Alleged computer thief turns himself in

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Portland Police say the man suspected in the theft of more than $60,000 worth of computers from a Portland elementary school has turned himself in.

After the 78 computers were stolen from the Ocean Avenue School, police searched the residence of Brian Berry. Police recovered 61 of those computers from his home on Friday night. A warrant was issued Tuesday and around 8 o'clock that night, Berry turned himself in to the police.

Berry is charged with burglary and theft of the 78 computers.

VA Tech shooting survivor speaks on gun control

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One of the survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings 3 years ago was in Maine Wednesday.

Colin Goddard is speaking at an awards dinner put on by The Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence.

Goddard was one of just 7 students in his French class to survive the shooting by Cho Seung-Hui on April 16, 2007. 30 students and teachers died that day. Now he works for the Brady Campaign, fighting to close a loophole that allows people to buy guns from private owners without a background check.

Martin's Point looks to improve patient health while reducing costs

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A $17 million dollar, state of the art health care center opening soon in the city looks to improve patient's health while also reducing the costs of care.

"This is really about how do you gather the right services in the building, and then within the building, how do you configure those services so that it supports the clinical care team in doing the right stuff," explained Martin's Point Health Care CEO and President Dr. David Howes.

"We are very early into that wave of what that next generation of care looks like," added Dr. Howes.  "I know of no where in the primary care world where people have spent this kind of time and energy to build a facility that meets those needs."

Fit at Five: Going Raw

(NEWS CENTER) - It's a trend that is sweeping the nation. You may have heard about the raw food diet. Those who practice the raw food lifestyle say there are so many benefits including weight loss, more energy, improved digestion, and overall health. On this Fit at Five we take you to a raw food party to learn more about the raw vegan diet plan.

I gotta say when Aaron (the photographer) and I showed up to this shoot I didn't know what to expect. The food Elizabeth made was AMAZING! A big thing for me is how food looks. All of the stuff that she taught us to make was colorful, and so flavorful. I think my favorite was the sushi rolls that she made. The cashew burgers were also really cool since you were basically blending cashews, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and a few other items to make your patty.