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Board President Announces Acceptance of Arbitration Panel Report
Board President Announces Acceptance of Arbitration Panel Report

CBITD Board unanimously votes to accept Interest Arbitration Panel Report
Casco Bay Transit District Board President, Patrick Flynn, announced today that the
Board unanimously voted to accept the report issued by an Interest Arbitration Panel
regarding collective bargaining negotiations between United Marine Division Local 333
and the Casco Bay Island Transit District.
This report is the final outcome in a statutory process - one that must be followed by
public employers and employees in the State of Maine when labor negotiations reach an
President Flynn reports:
"The negotiations, which included several mediation and interest arbitration sessions,
stretched out over a two year period. Both sides have negotiated hard. However, it is
now time to conclude these negotiations.
I can state that the report, which can not be made public for 10 days following its
issuance (April 2, 2011), represents compromises from both sides on salary, insurance,
pension and minimum pay provisions.
I would like to point out that our employees have and continue to provide excellent
service to the District's customers. Despite the emotions that often accompany difficult
collective bargaining negotiations, these individuals never let the fact that they were
working without a contract negatively impact in any way the quality service extended to
the public.
I sincerely hope that members of the Board, the Union and management will join me in
committing to building a better process so we don't find ourselves in this same situation
during future negotiations."
Casco Bay Island Transit District (CBITD) operates the ferry service in Casco Bay 365 days per
year and must ensure that residents have safe, dependable and reliable transportation for
themselves and for their goods on a scheduled daily basis. It is the "lifeline" for the residents of
the islands, carrying over 977,000 passengers, 5,300 tons of freight, and 25,000 vehicles annually.
CBITD also carries the U.S. mail and transports school children to and from Portland. Incidental
tour, cruise and charter service is offered as well.

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